climate changed debunked

Blissful state of ignorance, in which I’ve stayed for the last roughly seven years, finally had to finished, when confronted with scientific evidence. Changing your opinion is never easy, especially when it lasted for so long. But it’s definitely worth the effort when moving to the right direction.

Till the 28.08.13 my view on the global warming caused by humankind activity was in short like this: Even if global temperatures rising due to anthropogenic factors (in which I’m hugely doubting) the overall effect would be balanced by positive aspects of this effect (vineyards in now not enough warm region of the world and so on). Surely, the main influence to our global temperatures comes from the sun activity, so there is not much room to making any significant difference.

It’s really a shame that with access to so many reliable scientific information I haven’t sacrifice more time to hear arguments from the other side of barricade, especially when it take so little effort. Lately I finally did it, starting from this lecture below, and the website “Skeptical Science”, which I highly recommend. It’s probably needless to say that I changed my opinion on global warming theory.

In the end I would like to apologize everybody which I misled with my previous beliefs. The only excuse I have is lack of time, but it’s probably the worst excuse ever, taking in consideration that the lecture below is about one hour, and completely enough for the beginning to smash most of the conspiracy arguments against global warming theory. Once again sorry for spreading ignorance, and If I offended anybody with my previous beliefs, feel free to remind me that in the future what an idiot I was.


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