Cyborg technology which already exist

MIT creates glucose fuel cell to power implanted brain-computer interfaces
Uses in the future? As soon as the fetus has enough brain mass they do the implant. Yes in the mothers womb. Then attach the Brain/computer interface, wireless of course. Then they begin teaching the fetus through video and audio lessons. When the child is born they slap its ass and it cries, but for only a second, then it turns to the doctor and says, “Thanks doc, now get me cleaned up and some clothes so I can get on with my life.”

Don’t think it could happen? We won’t see it but this will be reality some day.

Just imagine, starts of brain developement, physically attached to electronic plates connected to external devices, computer, Wikipedia, internet ??? Brain directly connected while still developing – new neuronal connections adapting 24h/day for activities and requirement never ever existed in the past – total amalgamation of human and machine, indistinguishable. Adding more memory space? Who knows, nobody tried it yet.

What could be the negative consequences? This is the area where imagination can go crazy.

And IMHO – military science probably already started to figured it out. I can bet.


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