Be yourself, or not to be

For people who already know the answer go to wikihow you will find there eveything you need.

Please, do not read any further if you want to be yourself.

Really ?

What could be wrong with this advice? Absolutely everything !

How many people you know? 100? 300? check your facebook if you don’t know. And now, how many of those people are perfect? That there is nothing they could change to be better person? Telling anybody- ”be yourself” – is actually the worst advice you could possibly give. Just think about it for a while, and if you have got different opinion check out this amazing book “Rip it up” by Richard Wiseman. Just short description from goodreads:

Much of the theory here derives from or is related to the work of psychologist William James, who proposed theories entirely opposite to those of his peer Freud. Where Freud speculated about an inner landscape of subconscious, full of drives you don’t understand that effect your behaviour, James believed the opposite to be true – your personality and emotional interior are a response to your behaviour, not the driver of it. Simply put, your body does stuff, and your mind then interprets how that means you must be feeling. If you want to be happier, smile more. Because you are smiling, you start to feel happier, because that’s what how your mind interprets what you’re doing. Doing it makes it happen. Summed up, it sounds silly, but there’s a century of convincing evidence that this is the case. Of course, the book provides little of the counter-evidence, but it’s a theory that few regular people will be familiar with, and Wiseman walks through it with enjoyable bonhomie.

By Richard Wright


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