Depression – evolutionary perspective

Imagine, how it was 10,000 or 100,000 years ago. You are living in a 50 people tribe, know everybody, seeing them 100x times per day, begining from the morning wake up. Worring about next hour (i’m hungry) or next day (I will be hungry), meantime that you would want propagate your genes, hopefully ASAP and AMAP (as many as possible). Among this 50  neighbours there are probably about 4 people that are your peers, and you are almost certainly the best in sth – for example you are Michael Jordan in making fire or climbing trees, whatever. The informations about relationships and news are relevant to you, because they can affect you in direct way. Gossiping is something fundamental, and important from the practical point. You’ve got the picture? yeah, so now place this men in today 21 century.

You’ve got 7 bilions of neighbours, seeing probably about dozen of them per day. You are waking up and you see your ceiling. Worrying about next year taxes and future of your children. There is virtually nothing you are good at, considering that among this 7 bilion people there are someone better than you in anything. Gossiping about latest Britney Spears dress seems to be really important, although you probably would never even met her. Tsunami in China is sth to worry about as well, and TV will make sure you wouldn’t miss that. What the fuck, why my neighbour next door is making this strange noise once again, but, actually, who cares…

Nikki Paulie | Psychologiques | Page 2

Any idea why you feel like taken out of context in your daily life ?



This new approach, Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC), focuses on how modern lifestyle changes in our culture have made us, as a society, more likely to experience depression. Their new TLC programme has shown a 70% success rate in treating depression, including people diagnosed with treatment resistant depression.

za pomocą Nikki Paulie | Psychologiques | Page 2.


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