Peak experience

Peak experience is a kind of transpersonal and ecstatic state, particularly one tinged with themes of euphoria, harmonization and interconnectedness. Participants characterize these experiences, and the revelations imparted therein, as possessing an ineffably mystical and spiritual (or overtly religious) quality or essence.


It’s easy to imagine where and when such state would took place – child birth, near death events, narcotics intoxication, orgasm. But actually like with everything else connected to feelings and emotions, different people react with different strenght to the same event. For example, not every woman would feel “extatic” wild giving birth. Going further with this kind of argumentation, there could be people which would respond with great arousal to even small external stimulation. Like some great teachers repeats – “see universe in a grain of sand”. In theory, you could find peak experience while walking down the street and admiring world around you.



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