Why girls wear big, ugly glasses ?

Ok, firstly we have to admit it – big, massively designed glasses frame aren’t looking good. Years ago, when glasses were introduced, wearing any kind of them was in many cases some kind of social stigma, and something especially not to want. But with the years passing, people as a culture changed, and our collective view on beauty and estetique as well. Some things, like hip to waist golden ratio is so strongly hardwired in our biology, that it is hard to change, but face look is completely different. Just imagine what is going on in some rural african tribes, where woman deformed their faces so brutally that for us, civilized european it is disgusting. But there, it works.

Coming back to the topic, why it is like that? Why this kind of apperance modification exist, and are used for looking more appealing? My theory is thats the same mechanism like with the peacock tail, where by sheer size, it pose a natural survival disadvantage, but it also means “look at me, if I manage to survive till now with such disabling thing, I have to be enormously great with everything else, so come with me, babe”.

Analogous to that, culture evolves much faster than normal evolution process. Nowadays, when pretty girl is wearing big, ugly glasses, it means (subconciously fo mens) – “look, I’m pretty with this ugly thing on my nose, so just imagine how beautifull I have to be in any other aspects !”. So in net equation, girl seems even prettier than she is without them.

Simple? True? I don’t know, If you don’t agree say it in the comments 😉


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