Good or bad – how we know

Remember story about chinese farmer that no matter what happen you never know would it be for good or bad? But taking it to extreme, one can said that it is than useless to try to do ANYTHING, as we do not know what result it would generate – good or bad. An thats obviously something I cannot agree with. Somewhere here there is a contradiction, like in this example below

So lets look at this a little closer. Preferably, from the mathematical point of view first, and then a little philosphy.

Statistically speaking, we know what are the chances for most of our actions to what result, good or bad, we should expect. We know that from our previous experience, knowledge, history, experience of other people and simple imagination. There is big chance that reading valuable book or running in the park would be positive for me. There is small chance that it would result in negative outcomes (broken leg or finger). But the story about chinese farmer told us something different. It’s not about letting things go, because there is nothing we can do. It’s about when something ALREADY HAPPEN there is no need to keep woring about that, because it already happened.

On the other hand, there is something else to say. Shouldn’t we be happy when something positive happened to us as well? And if not, why then it is so unsymetrical and seems so unnatural. One way you shouldn’t be sad, and the other you should be happy.

And here is point, where “permission to be human” approach starts. The thing is, that we should not be such cold and distanced as chinese farmer in response to incidences which took place in our life. We are not cold, rational and emotionless machines. We’ve got emotions, and that is not thing we should be ashame of. Actually, this is one of the most beautiful things nature ever created – emotions. Great ilustrations of how world could look without it is present in movie Equilibrium.

Also, ability to sense and feel sadness emotion is the same ability for happiness – becoming more able to sense happiness you are ultimately becaming more able to sense sadness, and vice versa. There are no man on earth, who would be happy all the time, without feeling sad at least once in life.

Finally, there is no such thing as positive or negative emotions. Really. Emotions exist, thats all, like there is no such thing as good or bad mather nature – nature just happened to be as it is, nor good or bad. We should aprecieate all of them as they come, feeling them, observe them, sense them, admire them, in just the same way as we would apreciate and admire beautifull butterfly or ruthless tornado devastating everything on its way. The tornado itself isnt good nor bad, the same as with butterfly. These things just are as they are, and the best thing what I can do is just sat back and watch them with quiet admiration.


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