Cloud computing

It’s year 2022. You are sitting in your beautiful patio at the shore of the see, drinking mojito. Yesterday new version of The Witcher was released. Beautiful graphic, increadible physics and a lot of details. In one word – a lot of computing power needed to just run the menu. You are reaching for your beach bag, and taking from it 7 inch size tablet. Actually, it’s not even a tablet. It’s just led screen, fast modem and battery. Without processor, memory cache or disc. You are switching it on. Modem instantly connects with your private account, your cloud computing and storage database. You can see your whole system desktop. You are redirecting view to 55inch screen hanged in your patio. Compute power from cloud adjust resolution to your new screen, making it sharp and in high details. You already bought 7 day acces to the newest version of The Witcher. Cliking on the icon, you set it on. 16mb of cache memory, 150Gb of disc space and 16 core processor – thats no problem, you’ve got plenty power from your cloud. It’s also very cheap – you are not using it all the time abviously. When you are not using it, this power is used by some other user from the same cloud. No downloading, no patches required for your game (it’s instantly updated on it’s own server). You are enjoing the highest resolution and the best configuration. And the best is, next year, when the new version will be released, you wouldn’t even need to change your hardware (tablet). You will just upgrade your cloud service to a higher configuration – how more ecologic could it be.

I know, there is much more issues about this technology, bandwidth internet connection and privacy is obvious. But nevertheless, wouldn’t it be beautiful ?


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