What I want from my hypothetical girl

My recent loose thoughts about what good and valuable relationship is. Except obvious things which we all knew are important, I would like from my second half to inspire me and provides me with ideas and knowledge which in other case would take me some time to discover. Thats because life is so rich and loaded with information and stuff, that its taking massive amount of time to find and chose what is valuable and what is not. Being alone simply means that its all in your hands, searching and thinking about various stuff, and there are things in the world you wouldnt even thought as valuable to look for. When you have got somebody upon whom you can rely with taste and style you know, you are like twice as fast with exploring and filtering information from world surronding you.

That is the reason I value passion and curiosity very high. All the time I encounter things that I had no idea would be so enriching in my life, but there are not happen so often as I would like them to appear. Having someone with me would provide me with different perpectives and I hope completely different area of interests.


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