Is culture in decline ??

Almost everybody would agree – popular culture is in decline. TV shows, news, movies, songs, namely all of “popular” stuff is getting worst, more stupid and less “intelectually ambitious” (dumb) every year. Or does it only seems like that?

Like probably everywhere else, with culture is the same principle as in economy – demand rules supply. When there is demand for product of lower quality, but cheaper, you will get that. When there is more people which demand that kind of product, mean value of industry will ultimately go down. Many years ago there was a different story – access to culture was limited to few people which were able to pay for that, namely elite and nobles. And they were able to pay a lot, and probably more often due to bad incentives then a good one. Nevertheless, with such a narrow field of interest like culture, there were much less products, but of a much higher mean value of them.

Nowadays there is produced probably much more maserpieces than at any time in the past. The problem is that there is also so much bullshit around that it’s very hard to trully noticed them. Many of them will be forgotten, but hopefully, sieve of time will strain one from the others.


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