Legalisation of …

First of all – childhood pornography is wrong and prohibited. This post do not imply any attempt to change it.

Imagine you are chef of international ethic board, and you have to accept or decline a petition about childhood pornography. Declining would result in leaving things as they are now, but the novelization would accept childhood pornography as normal pornography is now. The only difference is that creation any new materials (photos, movies etc.) would be strictly banned as it is now. What is already created would be allowed.

There are obviously two parties – the one opposed have got argument as always. The interesting party is the one that want to push the novelization through. They’ve got interesting arguments.

  • the legalisation would result in decrease in children abuse – because pedophils would have easier access to what they want wouldn’t have cues to search or create any new materials – therefore overall use of children in such violence would decrease.
  • the same with children violence 
  • it is already hard to differentiate between child and adult pornorgraphy – just think, if someone made a imaginable picture of 10 year old child in sexual situation, is it illegal or not? Or if someone do the same, but with 17 year old, how could you differentiate that from 18 year? If you don’t know what I mean just click on THIS anime picture. How old do you think the people on this picture are?

In the end, if you know that the legalisation is wrong in a moral ways, but ultimately it would help prevent actual child abuse and hurt, what would you do?

I have no idea…


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