The worst possible choice

Lately I made list of choices, that I think have a major impact on my life. Probably I didn’t include many of choices that “really” have been important, just I didn’t consider them as such, and opposite, I included some that wasn’t so important as I believes. Nevertheless, I learned something.

Firstly – I did not include making friends – this is weak side of my list. I understand that friends are probably the most important factor that shaped my life, and yes, being someone friend should be choice and not only something “that happened”. I didn’t include them because it wasn’t only “my” choice – they had to choice to be my friends as well, so my list of choices included only purely choices “I” had to make myself.

Secondly, I found that on my list five among fourteen were rejections – what I decided NOT to do or not to go there. And I found that these decisions were probably the toughest and the most important from all of them. It’s good to know that.

Thirdly, now I have to agree with statement of my old friend (much older than me), who once told me, that the worst decision is lack of decision.

“The worst choice is not to choose any option” .

Now I can see it clearly – he was definitely right.


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