Choose your guide, not your teacher

What is the difference between good teacher and great teacher? First one is telling you what was discovered, second one let you wonder and discover it yourself.

All people knew some fundamentals true, like killing is bad, or supporting poor people is good. But for most of them they weren’t actively discover truths – they were given us, by our parents or society. We know them “by heart”, but we never truly thought them over. That is dangerous for many reasons – because some of these truths are not “universal”, some don’t apply to every possible situations, and some are simply not true. Moreover, when forced to explain and validate them in rational reason, people often are struggle to do that. That results directly because we just “received” the answer from the environment, without even contemplating or questioning it in the first place.

That is why if you want to became spiritual master, leader, monk, or any other truly enlighten person in any area of life, firstly you have to rid of all your acquired beliefs and wisdom, and start to build them from the basics on your own. That way you will know that everything you know is truly reliable, because you know you can rely on yourself. And you will pass further only what you figured out yourself. That is the most valuable wisdom.

But wait, you already know that acquiring knowledge is something that you should avoid… so, where is it lead us? It means that if you want to pass your knowledge further, it’s not enough to tell it to another person. You have to encourage them to figure it out for themselves, inspire them, make them curious. That’s the role for the great teacher, stopping teaching, and start guiding.


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